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When Is The Right Time Of Year For House Washing?

When is right time for house wash

The truth is that there's no wrong time of year for pressure washing, but you can plan tasks like house washing at specific times to have optimal results. The main point to emphasize is to schedule routine house and pressure washing consistently, no matter when. The secondary focus is to learn when you may best benefit from scheduling these tasks.

Having a strategic home maintenance and improvement plan is beneficial and also helps you feel better organized. Once you have a plan in place for upkeep, preventative maintenance, and improvements, it will be easier to stay on track with an ongoing plan.

Why Spring Cleaning Is A Thing

Although spring cleaning conjures up the idea of cleaning out closets and the attic to eliminate things you no longer need, it also applies to jobs like house washing. Spring is a great time to plan exterior surface cleaning; just remember that it's not the only time you can schedule pressure washing:

  • Remove grime left behind by stagnation that occurs in the winter.
  • Get rid of the early stages of mildew and mold that often thrive once damp winter turns into a warmer spring.
  • Prepare your outdoor spaces, like the patio, for better weather and frequent use.

Fall Cleaning Is Also Effective

Savvy homeowners realize the value of scheduling multiple house washing appointments annually, ideally once in the spring and fall. Why is fall a good time for outdoor cleaning?

  • Clean up surfaces that get messy from summer activities, like pool decks and sidewalks.
  • Wash away lingering pollen and autumn leaves.
  • Get ready for winter weather by eradicating mildew, mold, algae, moss, and bacteria.

Taking Care Of Your Home With Exterior Cleaning

Any time of year is the perfect time to schedule pressure washing. Call Naples Roof Wash for a free estimate and to inquire about scheduling your pressure washing services. As long as it's not raining or extremely hot or cold, we'll gladly offer our professional exterior surface cleaning services.

You know your property best, and we can offer expert feedback. There are other factors to consider when planning your pressure washing appointment times and frequency, such as how much shade your property has or how rainy a year we've had.

Give us a call when you need skilled pressure washing experts to clean up your Naples area home. We're dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction for every job we do.

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