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Do I Need Pressure Washing Or Soft Washing?

Do i need pressure wash or soft wash

If you don't work in the exterior cleaning industry, you wouldn't need to know about the various terms associated with this field. Often, these terms are used interchangeably without realizing that they are different services.

Power, pressure, and soft washing accomplish the same thing: a clean exterior surface. However, there are variances between the three cleaning methods, and we'll help you better understand what they are and why it matters.

Exterior Cleaning For The Different Parts Of Your Home

Pressure Washing is a highly effective method used for cleaning homes and businesses. However, there are other approaches to use and not even the best technique for specific materials or jobs.

So what's the difference? For starters, the primary difference between pressure and power washing is the water temperature. Power washing generally uses hot water, and pressure washing uses warm water. The nozzles may differ depending on the job, but that's the main variable that separates pressure washing and power washing.

However, soft washing is a different cleaning method than power or pressure washing. As the term implies, soft washing uses a gentler cleaning approach and less pressure or PSI. The brunt of the work is usually performed by cleaning agents, and water is used for rinsing it all away, whereas pressure washing relies on high-velocity spray to do the cleaning.

Why does this matter? Power and pressure washing are the ideal methods to use for solid, durable materials like concrete, while soft washing is more appropriate for more delicate materials or with flexibility like shingles or siding. But even seemingly stronger surfaces may require soft washing if they're aged or otherwise compromised. For instance, new brick can withstand power washing, but older brick may be better suited for soft washing.

Using Soft Washing To Your Advantage

When you contact a company for a task like roof cleaning, make it a point to inquire about the method they'll use. If a technician plans to use pressure washing on your aging, asphalt shingle rooftop, call another company!

Soft washing is safe but effective, offering benefits such as:

  • Able to get into crevices standard power washing might miss
  • Won't tear at your shingles, siding, or gutters
  • Safer for fragile materials like glass
  • Destroys substances like algae at a molecular level, so they don't immediately regrow
  • Requires less water, so considered a greener technique

You can count on the pros at Naples Roof Wash to use the best cleaning method for your property. Call us when you need expert pressure washing services for your home or business in Naples.

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